Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I remembered! Usually I forget to post what's in bloom on the 15th each month. And today probably shouldn't count, because I took the photos yesterday. But it was too stinkin' hot to go out today. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I have been very fortunate to make some wonderful online gardening friends in one of the many gardening forums on the Internet. We do plant swaps once or twice a year. We talk plants, family, do the swap, and the best part...eat! I got several daylilies last year at the trade. I have no idea what any of them are called. I could care less, really, because they are just as beautiful even if I call them a "Passalong Daylily."

A Double Daylily I picked up at a plant trade.

Another trade! I'm so lucky!

One drainage ditch is starting to come along nicely. I can't wait for this project to be over, honestly. Once the stone is in and I can get the mulching and final planting done, I really think our yard will look very, very nice.

The daylilies have just been magnificent this year. I purchased this little beauty from Crazy Eddie's this year. I had different plans for the several that I picked up, but ended up placing them along one of the drainage ditches. They are all supposed to be George C. Bingham Daylilies. After looking up the photo of that variety, I don't believe that's what I have! That's ok, though, because I love it! I wouldn't mind if there were some more this color in there!

Daylily, "Paper Butterfly"

I picked up several "Paper Butterfly" Daylilies when a local nursery was going out of business. Huge flowers on top of this compact 18" plant. It does a bit of re-blooming, if I'm lucky. It's a good spreader, but doesn't go crazy.

Echinacea purpurea, "Kim's Mophead"

There are tons of blooms and more buds covering both of my Kim's Mophead Coneflowers right now. When I found these for sale last year, the lady at the nursery gushed about them and said they just bloomed all summer for her. I've been pleased as well. It's 18"-24" tall on a neat plant. It doesn't seem to get leggy like some Coneflowers.

Early Bird Gold Rudbeckia is bustin' out all over, just like the month of June. I can't say enough good stuff about that plant. It's the same size as the Paper Butterfly Daylily and Kim's Mophead Coneflower. I have them all in the same area, and they just look like they belong together. Now, if I could just get the shorter thing in front right. I've got Wave Petunias there. And even though I've been periodically pinching back, they're still leggy. I may use Million Bells next year.

Daylily, "Wineberry Candy"

After looking at all these Daylilies in this post, I feel like I should rename it "Garden Blogger's Bloom Daylilies"! Wineberry Candy is up by the road. It's not technically a "Hell Strip," but it's pretty steamy by the asphalt. They are also a good spreader. The ones I didn't divide to take to this year's trade have just been loaded with blooms. It's been a real treat. Hopefully, the temperatures will get cooler, so I can actually go outside and enjoy the garden again soon!

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