Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Pam's Wild Ride

Today I had the task of driving the kiddies back home from their Grandparents' house some 40 miles away. I don't particularly like to drive, so it's always a bit stressful for me. Lately the car has been a bit dodgy, so I also had that on my mind. And, poor little Miranda got stung by a wasp this morning (with the whole painful, swollen finger thing), so my mind was pretty full. Didn't really need anything else to push me over the edge.

So, I'm driving along. Miranda is already asleep. We've only been in the car for 10-15 minutes. I'm cruising (as much as the car will cruise) along at about 50+ miles per hour. The air conditioning is on in spite of the fact that it worsens the car's need to get down and funky. But it's in the upper 80's outside, and unlike dogs, I don't like to have the wind in my face. Then...I hear a buzz buzzz. There's something buzzing in the car! I glance around, because, ya know, I'm driving. Don't want to take the eyes off the road or anything. Holy crap! It's a wasp! Then the crazy woman took over. It was something like, "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Wah!! No no no! Oh God, No!" The wasp was doing its own wonky dance inches above my lap. Somehow with all the hand waving and yelling, I managed to open the window (oh yeah, and not crash!) and a miracle occured and the wasp flew out. I worried for a while that it had flown to the back and was concerned Miranda was going to get stung again. So, I left the window down, hair whipping around and slapping my face. But pretty soon the Southern Belle took over and needed her air conditioning again. I closed the window and let the car's Gigue in 12/8 time recommence.

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Trish Verfurth said...

Sounds like just "another day in the life of a mom" Thanks for sharing and making me laugh.