Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Alligator Strikes Again

The kids and I had an outing at church today. Miranda and Duncan played, while I rehearsed with another flutist and the pianist. The kids explored Miss Joan's practice organ and keyboard, as well as the choir loft and drums (very cool!) I was pleased that when we left, the room resembled what it had looked like when we first arrived. What? My kids were good?! I was already saying something about "chocolate milk for everyone!", when Duncan spotted the elevator.

"I wanna ride the elevator. Pweeeeease!" Ok, I said.
He got in. I got in. Miranda didn't get in.

This is the same elevator that Evan called, "The Alligator." Evan escaped from me once and took a little ride down to the nursery floor. I was frantically searching for him everywhere, when he appears holding Miss Ann's hand (one of the kind ladies from the church.) Here I am, a complete basket case, while Evan is having a good ole time.

Well, today was a little different. Miranda doesn't like elevators. I'm not sure if it's the bouncy, jerky motion or the whole enclosed space thing. So, she wouldn't get on. I went back out to get her and the door closed behind me. With Duncan inside. Instead of the fun little ride that his big brother had, Duncan started screaming. He screamed down to the first floor and all the way back up. It seemed to take a long time for those doors to open. The whole time I'm yelling, "Just stay on the elevator and it will bring you back to Mommy!" When it rattled back up to the second floor, and the doors opened, Duncan came running out. His little face was red and tear stained. He ran into my arms and got his hugs. Then we went and got that chocolate milk.

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Amy said...

Oooh! Poor Duncan! Poor Mommy! I hate elevators because of the potential for things like this. But chocolate milk can fix it!