Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Couple of Weeks Ago...

I took some photos of what was in bloom. Then a couple of somebodies got sick (me included), and I haven't made the effort to get back on here to post them. so, here are some planties that bloomed in mid May.

Corydalis lutea and a purple leafed Heuchera in the Butterfly Garden. I love the lacy foliage of the Corydalis. And those happy little yellow flowers perk up a shadier part of the garden. (And it's still in bloom!)

Virginia Sweetspire Itea "Henry's Garnet" flank the sides of our flagstone patio. Tough native shrubs that don't mind getting their feet wet.

Blue is the New Pink

Hydrangea serrata "Miranda" My Miranda Hydrangeas have changed from pink to blue this year. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, since these were plants I picked out because my daughter's name is Miranda. You know, pink for my little gal. But the blue is really lovely.

I believe this beauty is Clematis "Niobe." I have a small trellis in the center of a small bed on the side of the house. It's a hot, sunny spot, so I keep experimenting with what works there. Right now I have a couple of dwarf Yaupon hollies, some Angelonia, Million Bells, and Melampodium. Nice summer color for my hot spot.

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