Friday, April 2, 2010

The Eye

This week I keep thinking to myself that my eyes feel like the Eye of Sauron, because they're burning and open all the time. haha. A little Fantasy/geek humor for ya. But seriously, the pollen has been really bad this week. The kids and I played/worked in the Back 40 each day, and my eyes, nose and throat were all feeling the effects of springtime allergies. That said, I have had a busy week back there. I loaded up 12 bags of soil amendment on a wagon (3-4 per trip), and towed them down the hill (read: chased down the hill by the wagon! Gravity can be scary!), across the creek, and jumped over a drainage ditch to the point of destination. Of course, then Duncan scoops the dirt into the drainage ditch. Nice, new, expensive dirt literally down the drain. I've moved the stones for the patio around to see where I want them to be. I've lugged slate tiles down there to see if they'd look good as a walkway along the creek. I carried plants over today (including leaping over the creek with 2 shrubs in my arms!) I've definitely gotten many gardening workouts in this week! And for all the excitement I've had about my plans, it seems like each time I start laying things out to see what it really looks like, I'm disappointed. So, the "plan" seems to be fairly fluid. Which is ok. Frustrating, but ok. In good news...perennials are coming in here, there, and everywhere. I'm hesitant to put in new stuff, just in case that coneflower really is coming back. But at the same time, I am so antsy to do some gardening and get my hands dirty!

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