Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Gun Debate

No, not that one.

I keep reminding myself that Duncan is a little boy. An almost 4 year old little boy (ack!) And no matter how foreign little boys are to grown up little girls (that would be me), I am learning...

Ever since watching Wall-E some 30 times last summer (and more since then), Duncan has taken to using various toys as guns. I mention Wall-E, because Eve the robot is a tad trigger happy. Duncan also sees gunplay on Justin's video games, and even Wallace and Gromit's "The Wrong Trousers." But even before this exposure, Duncan was pointing his finger and saying, "pshoo pshoo." I asked him not to point his "weapon" at people or animals. (Not something I thought I'd be telling my 3 year old son.) But now it's his toys. And he holds them up and shoots them at me or Miranda or a stuffed animal. I feel a little silly telling him not to shoot at people or animals, because it's just a toy drill. Am I teaching him any real lesson for later, "I remember my mom telling me not to shoot at people or animals." Or is he just being a little boy? After asking him multiple times to stop shooting at me yesterday, I took the drill away. Today, he got the drill back. He still did some shooting, but he would look at me, then shoot in another direction.

What do other moms do about their little boys and cops and robbers games?

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