Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Everything Book

I worked in a public library for a few years before Evan was born. I was often asked by adults for book recommendations, but I have to admit, it was more fun when a kid asked, "What do you like to read?" We had training throughout the year where we had to read children's and adult books from various genres. During this period I learned about a book called, The Read Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease. Mr. Trealease lists out books that are great to read to your kids, from birth through 12. And he comes out with a new edition periodically, so it's pretty current.

When I became pregnant I checked out a copy to get some ideas for books for my firstborn. Some of the selections I found in there have become family favorites. One of the first books I bought for Evan was The Everything Book, by Denise Fleming. It is for the littlest reader. It has fun, bright pictures, and the text covers, well, everything! Shapes, colors, the ABCs, seasons. All three of our kids loved this book, but especially Evan and Miranda. Miranda has recently started reciting bits and pieces from the book throughout the day. It sounds like, "Shapes!" or "Spring!" and especially, "Bases!"


She means Faces. There's a little two page spread with children's faces expressing different emotions. This has been the favorite page for all three kids. There are eight faces expressing eight different emotions. Each of my children picked out their favorite face, but they weren't the same. It still fascinates me which face each child chose. Evan picked out the laughing face. Under the picture are the words "Ha ha," so naturally, I gave a great laugh when I got to that during storytime. Evan pointed to the picture and wanted me to laugh again and again. And he joined in with his own, "Ha ha ha." Duncan's favorite picture was the little boy who looked mad. The word under this picture is "Hmph!" So, of course, I "Hmphed" with gusto. And, he too wanted me to do it again and again. I was so surprised he didn't want the laughing boy. Partially because it was Evan's favorite, but I thought surely my little laughing Duncan would like the laughing boy best. Nope. And along comes Miranda. Her favorite face is the worried little girl who says, "Oh no!" We read the book, and before we even get to that picture, Miranda is already turning her head towards me saying, "Oh no!"

I love seeing her run over to find the book and giggle with glee as she starts turning pages. I love that they are interested in reading. But I really love the things I learn about them in the process.

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