Monday, April 19, 2010

Evan's Garden and Spring Flowers

I've had limited time to get out and plant, because we've all been suffering from a stomach virus. The kids had one Easter weekend, too! Just the non-stop ickies. But when I have been able to get out there, I've been pleased, and honestly, overwhelmed by all of the plants that are coming back! It seems like almost every time I look, I see something I thought had surely died in the flood. Once we're all feeling better, I can't wait to get some more work done.

Hardy Geranium and Columbine

I had a tough time getting Blogger to upload my piccies, so I just limited myself to whatever. The Geranium and Columbine are in my Butterfly Garden. They are flowering beautifully, although they tend to wilt in the dry weather we're having. Rain is in the forcast, so hopefully we'll get caught back up for the year soon.

Deutzia gracilis "Chardonnay Pearls" or "Duncan"

My Duncan Deutzia is putting on quite a show! In fact, it seems like the plants in flower are really going for it this year. It's strange. Major rain. Long, cold winter. Some brief really hot temps, and then back to spring. And no rain. Is that the formula for good flowers?!

Iris cristata, Crested Iris

A cute little native Iris. Iris cristata is in the area that was flooded, and it's come back looking great. Iris as a species seems to be pretty tough.

Bell Flower

I know this isn't a great photo, but I did my best. This is the first time I've had a bloom on my Bell Flower. Another little native that likes the woodland setting. The Hepatica in the background also bloomed for the first time.

Evan's Garden

And here is where I've spend much of my recent planting time. And I'm very, very pleased. I love the color combinations of the foliage, and look forward to blooms. I planted a few more things over there today. Because our situation is uncertain (hubby's job), I decided to wait to move Evan's Garden to a different spot. I'm keeping it here for the moment. It still has the animal theme, plus some extras. I think it's lovely.

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