Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Duncan's Smiling Eyes

I have plants in my gardens that are special. Their cultivar names have my childrens' first names in them. I have a Coneflower called "Evan Saul," a Hydrangea called "Miranda," and a Bearded Iris called "Duncan's Smiling Eyes."

When I started looking for named plants, I found "Duncan's Smiling Eyes" and knew I had to get it. Because Duncan is my little smiley guy. He got us through those first few months after Evan's death just by flashing his sweet little grin.

But lately, he's looked more like this:

Two stomach viruses in the period of a few weeks. Duncan's little body has been through the ringer. And those little smiles...the ones where his cheeks dimple and eyes crinkle...we haven't seen very many of those.

However, we got a whole afternoon of smiles today! So, I'm hoping that the worst is over and my little trooper is finally recovering and back to his happy self (and in this picture: rockin' self!)

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