Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Didn't You Tell Me?!

That little girls are very, very (did I say very, yet?) naughty. Oh sure, you're looking at that picture of Miranda and thinking, "Who? That little angel there?" That's a picture of Miranda when she climbed up the stairs on the wrong side, and squeezed her whole body through the rails...except for the tippy top of her head. She's got a big noggin, so it didn't fit, and she got stuck. Of course, this happened while I was showering. I heard a peep and went to check on her, and found her firmly wedged. We pushed and pulled, and I managed to get her out by pulling her back through the wrong side of the stairs. Before you start thinking that I'm a bad mommy for getting my camera out before releasing my little mountain climber, just know that the picture was taken the second (or third?) time she wedged herself in there that day. I thought she would learn from her mistakes. Maybe she did learn - that Mommy would come a-runnin' if her little sweetheart was stuck again. Negative attention.

Miranda's the Queen of Negative Attention. Today we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. I bent down to take a sniff of my Daphne odora shrub at the bottom of the drive. By the time I stood up, she was all the way up at the top, and running gleefully into the road. Of course, I ran full tilt to get her (and thanked God that there were no cars coming.) She got the "WE DO NOT GO INTO THE ROAD...EVER!" speech (and yes, I was yelling, because a child running into the road is a tad stressful.) So, we went to the backyard. Miranda decides Mommy's nice, newly planted seeds looked like they needed a little plowing. She walked over my veggie bed, stuck her hands down into the dirt and raked them around a bit, not listening to my, "No! Please stop." I picked her up and moved her, and got out these little white picket edging pieces to put around the bed for protection. As I'm installing those, she runs toward the creek, and starts to try to edge her way down into the water. I go get her. More yelling. She climbs back into the veggie bed. More yelling.

We went back to the Back 40 (where we're digging trenches to drain the property), and we actually had fun for a little while. She dug around and smacked the water in the trench with a stick. Good times. Then, I guess she needed her yelling, crazy mommy fix, so she proceeded to climb back into the creek. I got her out, and she wanders over to the neighbor's yard. I brought her back. And pretty soon she was back into the water. I said as I retrieved her AGAIN, "If you go back into the water, we're going inside." She did. And we did. I felt bad, because Duncan was having fun and being good (although his constant reminders that Miranda should get a time out (which she did), were pushing my buttons just a little.) I do wish our yard was a lot more child friendly. But I also wish my little rule breaker would at least pretend to listen to me. Sigh. I'm not even going to think about when she's a teenager.

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Anonymous said...

gee that sounds so much like most of the days I had with a certain little girl when she was Miranda's age. I found it no problem to stay thin during those years.