Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just in Case there's any Confusion...

When you're a kid it's all about you. Right? The world revolves around little kids. They openly admire themselves in the mirror. They're not embarrassed to lock eyes with other kids. They blatantly stare at other people. I wouldn't mind having more of the Super Ego that toddlers have. You know, it's good to really know yourself. Duncan and I have had many conversations about the real Duncan. They usually went like this:

"Duncan, are you cheeky?"
"I'm not cheeky. I'm Duncan!"

When Duncan turned 3 his pediatrician was concerned that he wasn't talking a ton, and the doc wanted Duncan to answer certain questions. Some of the questions were, "How old are you?," "Are you a boy or girl?," and others. I remember asking Duncan one day:

"Duncan, are you a boy?"
"I'm not a boy!" and he thumped his chest and said, "I'm Duncan!"

And of course one of my favorites:

"Duncan, are you a ghost?"
"I'm not a ghost. I'm Duncan."

Yes, he has his story and he is stickin' to it. He's definitely not confused about who he is!

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