Monday, March 8, 2010

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

After what seems like a very long and cold winter, we've had a few warm days in a row. And the nights aren't supposed to go below freezing this week. I'm hesitant to say that Spring is here, because even here in the Deep South we get late freezes that kill off all of our new growth and spring buds. So, let's just say I'm cautiously optimistic. We are still working on the ditches in the Back 40. They are still draining! They're probably a good 18" deep and 2-3' wide depending on where you look. There is a wet weather spring that, apparently, drains through our yard. We're the lucky ones that have the lowest property around. The good thing is that the drains work. We just need to get the width, depth thing finished up, then we can do the rock, pipe thing. I took the kids out to run around in the warm sun today (in short sleeves!) and to check and see if any perennials are breaking through-a favorite early spring activity. The daffodils are up and about to bloom...about a month later than usual due to the wacky, cold winter. My poor Daphne odora blooms look like they got bitten by the cold. I still took a wiff, and caught a hint of yummy scent. We went back to the back and played. I didn't see much beyond Daffies and Daylilies breaking ground. Then a certain little girl decided to be naughty, so we had to go inside. I did have an opportunity to go back out later and do some actual work. I finally planted my Aesculus parviflora (Buckeye.) The Buckeye is a native shrub with gorgeous blooms and large leaves. Got that in the ground, moved my Itea "Henry's Garnet," and my two Yellow Knock Out Roses. I also removed my poor, dead dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea that bit the dust after the floods in September of last year. So I'll just have to wait and see what comes back. And then go from there. I feel like I got a good start today. Bring on Spring!

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