Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curious Duncan Goes to the Hospital

The weather has started to warm up, so naturally, we've all been sick. We passed around a cold, then a couple of us had tummy issues. This week all of us seemed to finally be feeling normal. We had plans to see friends Monday morning at 11 for a playdate. We were having fun, but I thought it was a tad strange that Duncan didn't want a cupcake. But he's known for not wanting to stop playing to eat, bathe, whatever. A little while later he started crying. I asked him what happened. He said he had a booboo. I asked where, and he pointed to his little guy stuff. I thought he bumped into something, but was doing better. But then a short while later, he started to cry again. I didn't think he'd bumped himself this time. I asked, "Does it hurt when you go peepee?" He said yes. Oh no. He may have a urinary tract infection. I called the pediatrician's office and made an appointment. We packed up and came home to wait for the 2:30 apointment time. Miranda fell asleep on the way, so I tucked her into bed when we got home. I gave Duncan a sandwich and cookies. He cried off and on, but really started to lose it around 2pm. Justin was home by then. Duncan was screaming...I mean screaming...nonstop. We were terrified. Justin took him outside for a little air, but Duncan wanted to get in the car and go NOW. So, Justin decided this qualified as an emergency. He took Duncan to the ER, and thankfully, they were able to get him back quickly. I was home with sleeping Miranda, feeling a little unpleasant deja vu of 3 and a half years ago when Justin took Evan to the hospital and I stayed home with Duncan. I could hear Duncan still screaming in the background when Justin called. I was beside myself with worry. I had decided to go over as soon as Miranda was awake. But then Justin called. Duncan had (ahem) a massive poo, and was feeling better. And Justin needed diapers, and cleanup stuff. so, I woke up Miranda and headed over with the diaper bag. Duncan pooped several more times(!), but was doing better. He was just constipated with severe gas pains. I never was so thankful for poo!


Amy said...

Wow! It's amazing how much of parenting involves poo. Also, it's amazing how painful severe gas can be.

Glad he's all better!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Duncan had Tummy issues along with his other issue.

Trish said...

Poor baby! I bet he felt much better after he expelled the (ahem) poo. :)

I'm glad all turned out well.