Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday afternoon it began to snow. So, the kids and I decided to go outside and play.

Miranda takes a snowy stroll.

Duncan, doing some ice fishing.

I got the cold, wet kids back inside with the promise of hot chocolate. The snow continued. And we woke up to this...

A winter wonderland!

At first, Duncan showed no interest in going back outside! I was beyond surprised. Finally, we all got dressed and went outside to play.

Our sledding was a bit of a dud. We don't have actual sleds, seeing as how we hardly ever have actual snow. So, we used a plastic lid and some cardboard.

Duncan and I went back out in the afternoon. After a sunny day most of the snow had melted. Although, it could still be found in the shadier spots. We found quite a bit on the driveway. Duncan balled some up in his mittens, and tossed a snowball at me! We threw more snowballs and giggled. Then we were off for more exploring. Duncan jumped onto the ground like Kipper the dog and made an attempt at a snow angel. It was the first time in decades that I made a snow angel!

And, of course, Duncan had to build a snowman. I really had fun mounding the snow with my son, packing it in, looking for sticks for the arms.

And a carrot for the nose. I balked when he said he wanted to build a snow dog. My yarn gloves were soaked through, as were my shoes (his shoes, too!) But we built his little dog.

Then we posed for a picture, and went inside for some more hot chocolate!

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Anonymous said...

Cute kids. Enjoying the snow is rare in Georgia. I probably enjoyed the snow when I was that young, but can't remember back that far.