Friday, February 5, 2010

The Polka Dot Princess

Before Miranda came along I swore I'd never call her "Princess." I don't really remember the reason why. Maybe I thought it was too cliche. Or maybe I didn't want her to grow up thinking that she had to wait around for some prince on a white horse for her life to be complete. But, of course, she came into the world all cute and cuddly and sweet. And she was our little princess.

Of course, now it's taken on a whole new meaning. As sweet as Miranda is, she has a bit of a mean streak. One part bossy, two parts sweet, and one part sneaky. I guess I knew that the kids would do the tug of war over toys. And I suppose it occurred to me that I would hear a lot of, "Mine! Mine!" But I didn't think the battle over food portions would happen for a while, yet. I've seen that peanut butter commercial where the two little boys are fighting over the last of the peanut butter. The Mommy cleverly has one boy slice the sandwich in half, and the other boy has first choice. Those boys are at least 7 or 8 years old! I thought I had years before doling out equal numbers of M&Ms. But my little Panda Bear knows when she's getting The Shaft. She's very observant. She watches the milk being poured in the cup. She waits for it to be placed into her ha....what?! It's Duncan's?! Mwahh! Of course, her's is there waiting for her, but she's already halfway to Meltdown City. And she doesn't bother with whimpering or getting her eyes a little red and wet. Oh no. My Polka Dot Princess has huge tears streaming down her face within seconds! But, I've solved the cup dilemma by pouring out both cups, putting on the lids, and then handing them over at the same time. It's the same with snacks.

She occasionally gets so mad or frustrated, but she is so not gonna cry. This is when she does what we call the Panda Rage. Her eyes get big, her face turns red, she holds her arms out in a "What happened?" sort of pose, but they're really stiff. She's done this for so long, and we've laughed about it so much, that now Miranda can do a Panda Rage on cue.

She's cute. She's sweet. She's got a 'tude. Yeah, She's a princess.

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