Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evan's Olympics

I can't really think about the Olympics, especially the Winter Games, without thinking about Evan. I was big, fat and pregnant with Duncan during the last Winter Olympics-Torino 2006. As usual, I planned to watch All Olympics All the Time. We were out on the first or second day of competition visiting with family or something. On the way back home Evan was a bit cranky. We suspected he was tired, but he stubbornly fought off sleep. We finally arrived home, and broke out the cookies for our cranky boy. (Cookies are the best medicine around here!) He took his cookie, climbed into my lap and fell asleep before the first bite. I clicked on the Olympics and watched while I held my sleepy boy. When he woke up the luge competition was on. Evan loved luge. I don't know if it was the speed, the slide like course, or the fact that the competitors were dressed like sausages. But for the rest of the Olympics, Evan eagerly awaited more luge! Unfortunately, there were only a couple of days of luge. Of course, bobsledding had a similar look, so that was good, too. But every time I turned on the TV, Evan yelled, "Luge! Watch luuuuuuge!" And we snuggled up on the sofa together and watched.

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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Pam and Family,

I didn't know of your love for the winter olympics, but on the 12th of February, we was getting some snow. I called your Mom and told her that I'd always heard of heaven being white and beautiful so I could see Evan and Uncle Marvin at heavens portals throwing us handfuls of snowflakes expounding of the beauty of it. On the 13th I went to the post office, bank and to pay off my Sears credit card and was thinking again of Evan and Uncle Marvin so I went to Marvins grave just to see all the snow on the hills, trees and flowers. It was so beautiful. I love you kids. Take care and I enjoy reading your writings. Take care now and give each other hugs and kisses for me. Love Auntie Barbara