Monday, February 8, 2010

Duncan the Destroyer!

Duncan is and always has been our little Guitar Hero. He enjoys playing his toy guitars and Daddy's video game guitar.

He finds a suitable "stage" for his performances. And he often seeks out people for his audience. Although, I've heard him saying, "Thank you, thank you" even when he's playing to an empty room.

But when a rocker uses his axe, like...well, an axe...

Our gee-tar hero must improvise.

Oh yeah, he might be playing a vacuum, but that boy has rock star written all over his face.


Amy said...

He looks pretty rad in that last picture.

In the first picture, is he using the spoon to play the guitar? Or is the spoon his microphone?

...And, is that bed from Ikea? We have an Ikea bed with a mattress that does the same thing. Ours is wood though. (The bed, not the mattress.) Also we have the Little People pirate ship.

Pam said...

I'm not sure about the spoon. It wouldn't surprise me if he was hitting the guitar with it. I'll ask Justin (he took the picture.)

The bed is from Ikea. It's mostly for play time. He occasionally sleeps in there.