Monday, February 22, 2010

Ditch Diggin'

In an effort to give the Back 40 better drainage, we've been digging ditches. We got started on what would have been Evan's 6th birthday. It was cold, muddy work, but just the sort of thing a little boy would love.

We started in the area where I installed a path next to Evan's Garden last summer. We continued forward to the creekside and back to the back of the property. Lots of roots. Lots of rocks.

Next, I started the new trench where the playground used to be. That one goes forward to the creek and back to the back, as well. The topsoil in the back part of the yard got scraped away in the fall floods, so water has pooled there since then. When we dig water fills in the bottom of the new hole. It makes for hard work! Mud is so slippery and heavy. We'll dig, then let it drain for a few days and let the water table go down, and then start up again.

We purchased gravel and piping to go into the trenches once they are the right size. And we'll top it off with heavier stone and/or stepping stones for paths. I'm so antsy about getting this part of the project done. I want to get my plants in so they'll be somewhat established before summer (and any possible new flooding.)

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