Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bloom Day--A Day Late...Again

Our Crape Myrtle we call Evan's tree, because it was planted in honor of Evan's birth.

We don't have much for blooms just now. And these pictures aren't actually from the 15th, but they're still purty.


Our Japanese maple that we've christened, "Hirohito."

We picked up this Leyland Cypress (we call him Leyland. Clever, huh?) for Christmas 2000.

And the Daphne odora I planted on the one year anniversary of Evan's death. She actually has buds coming in. And the scent is so, so lovely. I used to have another Daphne, but I got a little shovel happy last year, and I think I hit some roots. It's a shame, because it was a beautiful plant, and the one that I had shared with Evan. I beckoned him over one day to take a whiff of the scent. He looked at me like I might be playing a trick. But he did come over and sniffed. And looked at me with a look of pleasant surprise on his face. Sometimes if the winter is fairly mild, Daphne blooms on or around Evan's birthday. But we've had unusually cold weather this year, so she has still yet to bloom. Hopefully, the snow and below freezing temperatures won't have an impact on the blooms!

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