Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill...Literally

Evan was a big boy from the get go. He wasn't was of those 14 pounders at birth, but he was a respectable 8 lbs 13 oz. And for a new mom expecting a 7 pounder, almost 9 pounds seemed huge! I still remember the doctor saying as Evan's head popped out, "That's not the head of a 7 pound baby!" He always got comments about his chubby cheeks and jowls. And I kind of got tired of people saying, "He's a chunk!" But he was a chunk. He was heavy, he had a big head, and he was tall. Evan was a big boy. Always in the 95th percentile and sometimes higher in everything they measured (these are physical measurements of a child's body at the checkups for you non-parents.) People always told me that Evan had big feet. He was my first baby, so he seemed sweet and tiny to me, no matter what anyone else said. But as he started wearing shoes, I too started to see that my little man was not so little. I think his first pair of shoes were size 8's. I didn't get Evan "real" shoes until around his first birthday. Up to then he wore soft sole shoes that are supposedly good for new walkers. And he went barefoot. A lot. His foot size increased rapidly over the next year and a half. As school started in September 2006, I purchased Evan, my 2 and a half year old, some size 11.5 sneakers. Oh yeah, and always Wide. Which means I have to go to the kid's shoe store and pay twice as much. Evan only wore those shoes for a few months. He died at the end of November that year. The shoes have sat in his Duncan's closet...until recently. Duncan, who has also always been called a chunk and a big boy, but never measured quite as big as his big brother (but not by much!) is finally wearing 10/11s. Duncan is about a year older than Evan was at the time of his death. Yeah, Evan had big feet!

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Trish V. said...

Pam, My Evan had big feet too! I had to order his shoes online because I could not find 2x wide shoe at the store! Since Evan became ill, his growth has almost stopped. He has increased only 1/2 a shoe size in three years. I know being on your feet makes them grow. Evan lost some time on his feet when he couldn't walk. I don't know if his brain injury has anything to do with his growth, but I'm willing to bet it does. I enjoy reading your blog and your memories of your Evan. I think my Evan and your Evan would have been buddies and who knows maybe some day they will be.

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