Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pit...of Dispair!

Since the floods in September of last year, the back yard has been more of a mud pit than a yard. After a month with only light rain (but really cold temperatures), I finally thought I might be able to get some work done in the yard. I mostly do planning this time of year, and don't get my hands too dirty for another month or so. The Back 40 was still moist (with standing water in some spots since September.) But it was dry enough to give it a go. Unfortunately, last weekend brought more heavy rains. And more flooding. So, we're back to square one. The flood in September really scraped away the soil. Sure, there was some sediment left, but it seemed like more was taken away. I thought it appeared as though we had more dirt left this time. But when Duncan and I decided to tool around back there this week, I was shocked. There is some sediment, but there are different areas that were scraped. And many, many plants were lost this time. Mostly newbies.

The mud pit that is the back yard (aka Back 40.)

Those holes used to have some cool little sedges called "Blue Bunny." A nice small native grass that is supposed to be pretty tough and handle a wet environment. They were new plants, and didn't have an established root system, so...the latest flood literally dug them right out and swept them away.

What used to be Evan's Garden. I've decided to move it to a safer, less flood prone spot. Not sure I will have many things to transplant, unfortunately.

The new perennial bed that was an extension of Evan's Garden zoo theme. They were all newly planted plants--newly purchased or transplanted in the fall. I lost at least 12 plants here. I won't be sure until Spring about plants that are still dormant.

Signs of Life!

I'm trying to stay positive about this whole backyard do-over. We have erosion that has to be addressed. I might as well fix it, fix it right, and do things that I like. It's going to be a lot of work. And a lot of money! I'll post pictures of our progess.

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