Monday, January 25, 2010

More Rain

We had quite a storm roll through yesterday. According to my handy dandy new rain gauge, we ended up with 2.8 inches of rain. It was enough in a short enough period of time for us to have another flood in the back 40. So, today we have more standing water (because it hasn't dried out completely since September), mostly organic debris, and silt. Places I had dug out before to act as a channel down to the creek, are now filled in again! The big flood last year seemed to scrape away more than it left. This time it kind of feels like we got a present. A dirt present. Just when I think I might have it all figured out (or at least, some ideas figured out), we get flooded again. And of course, all the rain has given me time to think. And I believe that those years of drought (2006, 2007, 2008) kind of made me forget that the back part of my yard is a flood plain. I've been thinking about doing some hardscaping (read: patio) back there, surrounded by native shrubs to act as a flood breaker. Maybe some raised beds and some dry creek beds, to give the flow of water direction. Of course, it's difficult to plan with the distraction of more flooding. It's difficult to get to work when the ground is like a wet sponge. So, it's definitely been a frustrating period. And I don't know if I should do what I'm planning or not. It seems like planting some anchoring plants would be a good thing. I may have to call in a pro for help this time!

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