Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is it Spring, yet?

I feel like I'm waking up from a long winter's nap expecting the new growth and buds of early Spring. But then I become aware that it is still Winter, and a rather chilly one at that. This morning it was 12 degrees. Twelve! I live in the Southeast US. We don't get those temperatures around here. In spite of the weather, I did get some gardening done in the first couple of days of 2010. I planted some Acorus in the still damp back 40. Still wet in places. I planted a couple in standing water. I went inside feeling uncertain about this. I looked up Acorus to see if they like wet feet. What I found was they do ok with shallow water, not too deep. They like things consistently moist. I decided to dig them all back up the next day and add some organic matter to the soil and see if I could give them a good start that way. I went back out the next day. Things weren't wet, they were frozen! I managed to dig all the little plants up, improve the soil, and replant. The temperatures have been mostly below freezing all week with a small amount of snow. The last I saw the Acorus looked just fine. Fingers crossed. But I am seriously over this weather. I really feel for my friends in more northerly areas. I don't know how they can stand it. Of course, I stayed inside the house entirely too much and have a case of cabin fever. I imagine people who are accustomed to cold weather are better equipped (like owning more than cotton pants! Jeans are useless in the cold!) I'm trying to do what I do best this time of year: plan. We hope to add more stone here, there, and everywhere. Terraced beds on the slope, patio and pathways in the back 40. Too bad we have no wheel barrow to cart stone around. (Our two wheel barrows floated away in the September flooding.) The bridge is gone, too. So, we'll have to use our neighbor's until we get a new one. I'll try to not be distracted so much by the temperatures, and get busy with planning Evan's New Garden.


Johnnie said...

How do you go about planning? it seems I do not start the planning until spring is here each year and then I never get it all done in time. DO you lay out the plans or just do it in your head?

Pam said...

Hi Johnnie. I always start the new year with a "I've gotta do something" kind of attitude. In the past I've just kind of thought about what I want to do, try to do it, and a lot of the time I'm not so happy with the results. With Evan's garden, I decided I needed a plan. I wanted my son's memorial garden to be special. I planned it all out, and it was nice but not quite what I wanted (plus since I planned in January, the sun had a different path come June!) I ended up giving it a year, and then changing it (without as much of a plan) to an animal themed garden. honestly, I don't have a great eye for design. The most success that I've had has been by accident, or when I've copied someone else's idea! I hope that will get better with practice.