Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News!

We had some rain over the weekend, but the mud didn't stop my son, Duncan, and me from playing outdoors in the beautiful weather the last couple of days. We've gone from unseasonably cold to unseasonable warm. But just a little above average. We'll be seeing some more rain tomorrow and back to average temps for the weekend. Duncan and I spent most of our outside time in the Back 40. There's plenty of mess for a little boy to get into without getting into too much trouble. I took the opportunity to get out my shovel and dig around a little. I dug a hole in the area of Evan's Garden, and in a couple of areas where I'd like to place some shrubs. I was mainly testing the ground. I wanted to know if the hole would fill up with water, or if the weekend's rains had drained in those spots (because it certainly hadn't in others!) I'm happy to say that all of tests came back with no water! I'm feeling more encouraged about the future of the gardens back there now. It's still going to take a lot of dirt/pea gravel/stone/plants/etc. to get it looking like my backyard oasis, but at least I am hopeful.

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