Monday, January 25, 2010

Escape Artist

She's cute. She's sweet (well, most of the time.) She's sneaky. For a while now, Miranda has been moving up in the world-literally. She likes to climb. I've quit telling her that God only gives out one climber per family (and that spot was filled by Duncan), because she's clearly not listening. She watches how big brother, with relative ease, scales up the shelves in the cupboard, and on top of desks and armoires. She watches. And she thinks that she can do it, too. But she doesn't have Duncan's skills just yet. So, she falls. A lot. But she has her own little skill set that she's been honing. I mentioned previously Miranda's talent for disrobing (a la Houdini), and she continues to enjoy gettin' nekkid. But she's moving up in her wriggling world, too. When we go to the store, I buckle her in the cart and start shopping. But before long I notice that she's doing some wiggling. And some wriggling. Then she stands up, gets out of the buckle and either tries to climb into the cart or jump over the side. I put her back in, buckle the strap, and tighten it. "Whatever, Mom," she seems to say. She wriggles out again with ease. And it happens a third time, with an even tighter belt! Finally, exasperated, I decide we gotta get out of there before I lose it (or her!) Again today, she wriggled out of the belt. I gave her a cookie and told her she only gets the cookie if she's sitting down. That worked pretty well. She stood up...I took the cookie (she got MAD, and sat down.) I decided to make a bee line to the checkout before I turned completely grey headed. When I have my back turned, putting groceries on the conveyor belt, she gets up, cookie in hand, and sits on the handle bar, like that's where she's supposed to be. Meanwhile, Duncan sits quietly in his seat that he buckled himself.


frogonthefly said...

You certainly have a full time job on your hands. When do they hand out raises?

Pam said...

I'm paid in hugs and kisses. I think the payment goes down as the kids get older.