Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cabin Fever

I really don't know how people can live in colder climates. I really don't. Oh sure, you have your down jackets and snow shoes, but what about the sunshine? We've had unseasonably cold weather here lately. Although, we actually had a couple of days last week that were pretty nice. Dare I say it? Pleasant. Duncan and I played in the backyard. It seemed drier than it has been since The Flood of 2009, but it was all just an illusion. I could hear the ice crunching under my feet. Still moisture there, just frozen. Sigh. But something even more unfamiliar happened. Duncan took his toddler sized shovel and thrust it at the ground. But the ground won. Duncan tried it again. Nothing doing. The ground was (and is?) frozen! Something that we don't experience very often down South. He looked at me and asked, "What happened to the ground?" I told him it was frozen and hard. He went back to breaking up ice. Of course, the weekend could have been warmer and allowed for outside time. But no! It rained. So, the Back 40 is, yet again, a big mud pit. All of this cold weather and rain has meant a lot of indoor time with the kids. And let's face it, we're getting on each other's nerves. So, I keep looking at the calendar wishing for Spring. I know it's bad to wish your time away, but I want to work in the yard and play with the kids. Those are the days when they play so hard, they sleep like little angels. We will be getting some more agreeable temperatures this week (woohoo!), but probably some more rain, too. So, hopefully we can get out there and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and try to make our indoor time a little more sunny.

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