Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Boys are Weird

Evan, as I have said on numerous occasions, was a good talker. He had a pretty decent vocabulary for a little guy. But it was the words that he made up that were fun. I remember introducing the Wallace and Gromit movies to Evan. He loved them, and asked to watch "the guy and the dog" again and again! He watched all the movies and wanted more. The trousers, he argued with me, in the short film "The Wrong Trousers" were not trousers, but leggerthings. The cooker Wallace and Gromit encounter on the moon in "A Grand Day Out" Evan called a chine. Like ma-chine, without the ma. All things mechanical were chines. But there was a mysterious chine that only Evan knew about. He called it the Bomchine (pronounced Bomsheen.) We'd point to something and ask, "Evan, is this a bomchine?" "No," he'd reply. But he never did share that little secret with us.

Duncan is our little inventor. He creates new things out of various toys. He wraps string and cords (I know, I'm a bad mother) and shoves ends together. It's no fun to take apart. Oh, I'm not a malicious un-inventor. There's always something he wants removed, but he's wrapped it round so many times, he can't undo it. He creates his own boats, trucks, vacuums. And lately...chines. That's right, Duncan, without our prompting, has been calling some of his creations chines. Just like his older brother. We've asked him if this or that is a bomchine, and usually we'll get the "that's not a bomchine!"

Duncan has his own word invention. His is the mow wacker. I think he mushed mower and weed wacker together for this creation. When playing, Duncan takes the broom and pretends to be...uh...mow wacking. Various inventions are called mow wackers, so it's still a bit of a mystery what a mow wacker really is. And, like Evan, when we ask questions about his chines, he looks at us like we're the weird ones!

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Anonymous said...

I have two boys, you're right - sometimes they are just weird!!
Gotta love 'em