Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a Few More Days!

There's a lot of excitement floating around here. Not from me. I've been kinda cranky, but that's another story (or is it?) We have our Christmas tree all lit and somewhat decorated. The lower half was decorated, but it's been stripped down by one grabby little girl. I decided to do a candy cane tree this year, because I figured I wouldn't care if the candy canes were broken (unlike my ornaments.) I also did three long red and green paper chains, with a little assistance from Duncan. There are two in the top area, and the third chain has disappeared. Until about a week ago there weren't any presents under the tree. When Duncan started placing random objects down there (diapers, books, etc.) and calling them presents, I decided I needed to get busy. Now, there are loads of presents under the tree. The kids have sat on, thrown, and stepped on most of them. And we'll see if they're all still wrapped come Christmas! Despite the fact that we don't look too festive, we are feelin' it.

Duncan's Christmas program (consisting of 200 songs! well, alright, 20!) was last week. He refused to wear his handmade (at school) shirt, and then didn't sing. He did alot of nose picking, actually. At home, however, he is singing "Jingle Bells" with gusto. Duncan is a total Christmas junkie. He loves the lights, the music, and of course the pressies! He talks about the Christmas tree. He tells me, "Merry Christmas, Mommy!" And today it was, "Happy Holidays!" He wanted to go visit Santa the other day, and he pointed at the neighborhood clubhouse. I told him Santa was just there for a visit that day, but he really lives at the North Pole with polar bears and elves and stuff. As Grandpa drove Duncan by the clubhouse later that day, Duncan pointed at the clubhouse and said, "There's the North Pole!"

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