Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Fine Family Tradition

When looking for a stocking for Evan's first Christmas, I was disappointed in what I found. Nothing was good enough for my little guy. I looked and looked, but to no avail. So, I decided to make one for him. I bought fabric, looked up patterns. I chose red, because that was his favorite color, and a polar bear on the front for his "Bear Bear." Being the true procrastinator I waited till Christmas Eve to make it. (I may have actually cut the boot part out beforehand.) I tried to do a blanket stitch along the outside of the boot, but I had to fake it. Looked good, but took FOREVER! Then, I got the bear on. With a few oaths and a few tears, I was done. And it was already early Christmas morning.

Two years later I was planning on moving Evan up to a new, bigger stocking from Pottery Barn Kids. We looked in the catalog together. I asked him which one he liked, and he said, "The big sock!" pointing to the stocking that was as big as the girl holding it! I secretly planned on getting him the train stocking, though. And I planned on making Duncan's first stocking myself. Of course, we lost Evan shortly after this conversation. A month after Evan's death was Christmas Eve. And that's the day that I went and got fabric for Duncan's first stocking. I decided on green with a Gingerbread Man for a nice traditional feel. And again, I was up till the wee hours sewing, cursing myself for being so lame, but still numb from Evan's loss.

Two years later I had Miranda's stocking all cut out. Her's is also green, but I decided to go with a reindeer theme. We went to the Inlaw's on Christmas Eve, and didn't return until close to midnight. I decided to be Santa's elf instead of make the stocking. I felt like the world's worst mommy. Miranda had no stocking for her first Christmas. I don't think Miranda got much for presents last year, either. This year, however, my little princess would make it known (loudly) if she's getting the shaft. I told Justin, "I can't NOT make Miranda her first stocking. It wouldn't be right." I remembered stories from my brother in law about being the youngest and getting the short end of the stick all the time. I didn't want to do that to Miranda. I already had the stocking pieces I cut out last year. I just have to put it together. Easy peasy. Except, I couldn't find most of the pieces. I found the boot, but not the reindeer. I looked up patterns of cute reindeer and real reindeer on the Internet, and cut out a few designs. One I had thought about using Justin commented looked like something from the show "South Park." I couldn't bear Miranda's reindeer looking like Mr. Hanky, so I just did Rudolph. And, in fine holiday tradition, I stayed up until 2am making it. I didn't really feel like crying until the very end. You see, I figured out how to do that blanket stitch on the very last two stitches. And it was fast and easy. Sigh.


Sandy said...

Well, I love the stockings that you made! And I think all mothers understand about the staying up until the last minute getting things finished. Miranda certainly didn't miss the stocking her first year, so you got it done right on time!
I hope your New Year is off to the best possible start!

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Sandy. I liked your monkey ornament post! (And I read the Evan post again--sniff, sniff.) I'd like to learn about Scott sometime, if you'd like to share. ((HUGS))