Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Birthday Hat

On my birthday (that's January, folks) back in 2006, I took Evan to Old Navy for some shopping. I was spending a gift card I'd received for Christmas that day. I felt that it was like giving myself a birthday present. I was a little over halfway through my pregnancy with Duncan, and feeling like a beached whale. During that little trip I developed a bad headache. So, I was pretty much just trying to hurry up and get out of there and get a Coke! Evan spotted a silly hat that he wanted. I put it on him, and had to get it. We left and I got my Coke and eventually felt better. Evan didn't seem as interested in the hat once we got home. But every once in a while he'd pull it out, plop it on his head and say, "My Birthday Hat!" I guess he called it that, because we got it on my birthday. Or maybe just because it looked festive. Toddlers are mysterious that way!

Evan wore other hats from time to time, but mostly for dress up or going outside. He was Bob the Builder in his construction hat. He was a knight in shining armour in a funny little Viking hat at Poppyaya's house.

He was a heroic firefighter for Halloween and a cowboy when visiting friends.

I never did get a picture of Evan in the Birthday Hat. But recently Miranda found it and decided that she likes it and must wear it for hours on end! If it falls off, she comes to me to help her put it back on! I'm thinking of starting a new Birthday Hat tradition. And my birthday is coming up. I think Evan would approve.

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Trish Verfurth said...

I love the idea of your new birthday hat tradition. I think Evan more than approves, I think it was his idea!

Think of you often.

Trish (Evan's mom too)