Friday, November 20, 2009

Other Purty Stuff

I took these photos earlier in the month. This hardy geranium that I got in a trade is spreading nicely. It's funny to hear me say this, because I generally have an aversion to plants that spread. Oh sure, some clumping is ok, but really spreading has always kind of freaked me out. I was afraid for a while of suckering shrubs. Of course, there are things that spread too much (Chinese privet, kudzu, English ivy, etc.), and others that are manageable. And those can always be shared with friends, which is part of what makes gardening rewarding and so much fun.

Pam from Digging has suggested that Garden bloggers should consider doing a foliage day the day after Garden Blogger's Bloom Day each month (that's on the 15th.) I immediately thought of the gorgeous fall color on my surviving Oakleaf hydrangea this year! It didn't bloom, but by golly it's making up for it this fall.

My one lowly Camellia. I've had this Camellia for several years. It's been moved about a couple of times, eaten by deer at least once, and never has it bloomed until this year. This year, when it was in the thick of the worst, fastest part of the flooded area. Other plants in the area floated away, got flattened, and some things just didn't make it. But the Camellia came through the flood with flying colors. And now it has blooms! Or, bloom. But isn't it beautiful?! I need to go back out there and see if there are any more. There were buds! I thought it would be fun if I could find an animal named Camellia. No luck so far. Mostly names. If you find one, let me know. I'd like to get more!

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