Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Work and More Rain

I am fortunate enough to live close enough (but not too close!) to both my parents and my inlaws. And even more so, because my mom and my mother in law both enjoy gardening. We talk about plants, we wander around each other's gardens, but best of all we plant shop together. We've picked up some new things for Evan's Garden this fall, and just a few days ago my mom and I put them in the ground. The new area is separated from the rest of Evan's Garden by what used to be the stone path. I removed the stones and threw them (literally) over to a new patio area. That is still in progress. The path will still be a path, but instead of stone, I'll use pea gravel. I dug up the concrete pavers I had around the playground that floated away during the flood and used them to border the path. I still haven't gotten the pea gravel. Justin wants to do a French drain underneath it for better drainage of the area. Anyway...Evan's Garden is on the right edge of the back 40. The path is next, then a new little perennial bed full of more zoo plants! And then the patio. After that will probably be the new playground that Santa told me he'd like to get the kids. So, lots of work done, and lots more to be done. As usual. But it feels great to have a good start. We were able to get the plants installed during a week long sunny spell. It was wonderful to see the sky again! But alas, the tropical storm past through over the last couple of days, dumping 3 or more inches of rain on an already fairly saturated spot. So, I expect to have puddles for a little while again. I'm just hoping that they'll dry up in time for Evan's death anniversary on November 24. I'm hoping to go back there with my mom and mother in law and plant something special in Evan's garden. Fingers crossed for nice weather!

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