Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kind of feeling meh lately. The weather has been really great up until Ida decided to throw a cold, wet, windy blanket over the southeast. I got most of my new plants in the ground for my extension to Evan's garden (yes, I'm making it bigger!) just in time for some more lovely standing water back there in the back 40. I am feeling a slight undercurrent of pre-Christmas excitement. I have already done a little shopping, which is not unusual for me. This year is looking like a small Christmas (so don't be expectin' no fancy schmancy pressies!) Justin's job situation is uncertain. He may have a contract starting in the new year. He may not. We just don't know yet. Or a regular job would be nice. Something with health insurance, because COBRA is gonna get expensive in a few months. My go-to flute is in the shop (4 weeks now), and I had to scour the dusty nooks and crannies to find the backup flute. Which is also in need of repair. So, I'm pretty much not feelin' the love right now. I'm feelin' the frustration. I'm feelin' the sadness of overcast skies. And most of all I'm feeling the depths of the well of grief as Evan's death anniversary looms. So, I'm thinking I'm due for a good day here.

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Anonymous said...

You are so due for a more than good day!