Monday, November 2, 2009

The Day the Halloween People Came

I keep trying to get a good pumpkin patch wheelbarrow picture. Sigh...

Miranda and Duncan playing pumpkin drums

We've spent the last few weeks riding the wave of expectation to Halloween. We had two fun filled trips to the pumpkin patch, when we all walked away worn out, but happy. We talked about, wondered, agonized--you name it--over costumes. When Duncan finally made the decision to be a cowboy, we went to the Halloween store (yes, there is a Halloween store open just for the season) only to find out that, no, Duncan would not wear the cowboy hat. So, we walked over to the fabric store, in the rain. I found some great fabric for cowboy and native American princess costumes. Woohoo! Now, I only needed to find the time to make 'em! I patterned Duncan's vest from a shirt, and Miranda's outfit from a dress. The vest fit perfectly over the cowboy shirt. I figured I'd try the dress on Miranda when the big day arrived.


Then the big day did arrive. A cool, dreary day. And did I mention the rain? Again with the rain! Two feet in the last 6 weeks...but I digress. I tried to get Miranda's costume on her and found it to be too tight, and too short. I re-stitched and ripped the old seam. It fit! I decided to pin the top to a shirt to make up for shortness. It wasn't perfect, but she still looked cute. As the day progressed both kids started to melt down. Duncan flat refused to wear any costume. He didn't want to go trick or treating. Miranda may have been interested, but she decided to go exploring in her costume. She climbed up on the countertop (note to self: Always remove chairs from kitchen!) and spilled vegetable oil all over the countertop, and herself. I found her and yelled, "Oh no you didn't!" Justin came running. He took her upstairs to bathe, while I cleaned up the kitchen. So, one kid who doesn't wear his costume, and one kid who ruined hers. So, we chalked up Halloween as an epic fail, and would have called it a day. But we still had to hand out candy (and pencils and erasers!)

A bunny sneaking up on Miranda

They didn't start arriving until well after 7. I began to think we weren't going to have any. But then the doorbell rang. The kids ran around all excited. "Who could it be?" We opened the door, "Trick or Treat!" they said, I complemented the costumes, gave them their goodies, and they left. And we were pretty busy right up to 9. Miranda's favorite costume was a little boy dressed as Thomas. She called him, "Thotas"--her word for Thomas. Duncan kept excitedly talking about the people. And finally started calling them "Halloween People." We told him that he could be a Halloween person, but he seemed happy to be the observer that night. So, I guess Halloween wasn't exactly an epic fail. We still had a good time, even if we didn't get to go out in the frigid, wet, horrible weather. Am I disappointed? Meh.

My little native American princess

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Amy said...

I like how your kids always find extremely hard to clean up things to spill. It's never just a cup of water, it's a whole bag of flour or gallon of milk or vegetable oil.

We did the observing of Halloween People last year, and Benjamin was waiting all this past year to get to do it himself this year. We made it to 3 houses and we were happy with that!