Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The line for those of us in General Admission. We were the sea of people on the floor of the stadium. Justin and I didn't get to the line until about 30 minutes before the gates open, and we were, oh about 800+ people back!

I show my true colors! Yes, I look like a complete buffoon with my homemade sign. This concert was really a treat for me, because Muse and U2 are in my Top 5 Favorite Bands List.

The enormous claw like stage. By the time we got into the stadium, the inner circle was pretty much full. We ended up being about 5 rows of people deep from the outer circle. So, not bad except for all of the heads in front of us. And why is it that there's always some 8 ft guy up in front of all the shorties? Hmm? So then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Some lame touchy feely fans muscled their way closer, and ended up right in front of yours truly. I leaned over to Justin and said, "If there's a mosh pit, I know who I'm taking down first!" But once the music started, it didn't matter.

Matt Bellamy, frontman for Muse, singing with passion!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any great pictures during the show. I'll share the few decent ones I got. But honestly, I was more interested in rockin' than taking perfect pictures.

Chris Wolstenholme, bassist for Muse

My one good picture!

The Muse logo circles the claw screen.

I handed over the camera to Justin, and he actually got some great shots of U2. We decided to stand a little further back, and we were both surprised that the view was much better. No 8 ft guy right in front me, no Muse mom doing the white chick dance, no claustrophobia! Yeah! Although, having more space around me, I started doing more people watching. I saw Brooke Shields (yes, she's beautiful in person!) and I swear Robert Duvall was there, too! Some fan was dancing like a chicken (you know, the neck thing that chickens do when they walk.) And another fan had her own groove going on. She's was clearly having a great time. Just not so talented in the dance department. I asked Justin if he'd ever seen that Seinfeld episode about Elaine dancing and pointed to the lady. He cracked up.

Bono, frontman for U2, singing his heart out.

We enjoyed the programs for both bands...they both did a mix of old and new material. I felt like the performances were excellent. There have been some complaints from previous shows about Bono talking too much about his charitable endeavors, but I didn't feel like it was all that much. They performed for a full hour before he mentioned peaceful protestors. Muse didn't talk much at all, which is actually ok, considering they only played for 30-45 minutes as the opening act.

Larry Mullen, drummer for U2

So now I guess I'll have the Post Concert Depression until the next show, which happens to be The Kings Singers! Hahaha! A nice a capella mostly classical group. But they are fantastic, so yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

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