Monday, October 5, 2009

Starting over

Pink Turtlehead, Chelone lyonii

I finally decided to do a little work in the back 40 yesterday. It's still wet and muddy, and with rain all night, I'm sure the previously shrinking puddles are all back. In spite of difficult feelings about the flood damage, I was inspired to get my hands dirty. Although, it would have been better to have gloves! My mom gave me a couple of plants that needed planting right away. I put my new Turtlehead in Evan's Garden. I looked at the damage there again, trying to determine what I may need to purchase in the future. It's hard to tell. I guess I won't really know until Spring arrives.

Coneflower "Evan Saul," Echinacea pupurea

I replaced the Evan Saul Coneflower in the Shrub Island (am I still calling it that? Maybe I should call it the Family Garden, because it's filled with plants with cultivar names of family members.) I need to get one more and that garden will be in good shape. It's the one garden in back that did not take a beating in the recent flooding.

Virginia Sweetspire "Saturnalia," Itea

I propped up this Itea a week or so ago, and it's actually still standing! And looking great. It looks so good, that I've thought about buying more! The other Itea I have (Henry's Garnet) is also in good shape. I have to find the little things in life that make me happy, eh? Because then I walk over to my poor hydrangea...

Oakleaf Hydrangea "Sikes Dwarf," Hydrangea quercifolia

This is one of the plants that I just don't know if it's going to make it. It's ironic, really. I have two hydrangeas that look like they could be on Death's door. One killed by flood, one killed by drought. It was dry for a good bit of the summer, and then September brought over 15" of rain. I will wait till Spring for both of them. If they don't come back...well, then I'll know what to do. Here's a picture of this Oakleaf Hydrangea in all her summer glory:

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