Friday, October 16, 2009

Sporks and Foons

When Justin and I got married, we left the 100 degree heat of the Southern US and flew to the much more comfortable climate of summertime Canada. We honeymooned in British Columbia. We checked out Vancouver, and we also explored Vancouver Island. I remember one evening we ate at a pub. They served traditional pub food, and I remember thinking it was good at the time. I'm not sure what we ate. I'm not sure what we drank. The one thing I do remember is as we left the cashier, she said to each customer, "Don't forget your tools!" You'd think we were going out to dig a hole in the backyard or something. But she was talking about the eating know, spoons and forks. And sure enough, we didn't forget them! This little scene has been on my mind lately, because little Miranda has turned into a Chatty Cathy. She's been saying spoon for awhile. It started off as "Boon!" And for a while she called spoons and forks: Boon! She's started to incorporate an "Sss" sound lately. Now it's: "sss...boon!" But it's the recent introduction of "fork" that has been somewhat scandalous. She excitedly exclaims, "Fork!" but that's not quite the pronunciation. Little kids don't always get the "r" pronunciation. And, at first, it sound like "Fock." But somehow lately our little angel has managed to make dinner a more colorful four letter affair. There we are saying, "Foerrrrrrrrrk" with extra emphasis on the "r," but she smiles back and says...well, you know. So, maybe we should start calling them tools instead!

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Anonymous said...

Ask Nat about the time we took Carmella to Barnes and Noble when she was that age. She had discovered Dr. Seuss and knew where the children's book dept. was located in the store. As soon as we got in the door she ran through the store heading that way and screaming "Fox and Sox" at the top of her lungs. Only the pronunciation was a bit off. The startled looks from customers was priceless. lala