Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not So Still Lifes

Duncan asked for the real camera again the other day. And within five minutes he'd already taken 50 pictures! It's not completely random, either. I can tell that he was thinking about his subject. Well, maybe for a few seconds, at least! He took three shots of this bowl of cereal, each one closer than the one before.

Duncan took a few pictures of "Mwanda," as he calls her. This shows just how tough it is to get a moving target! It amuses me how excited they are to see each other sometimes. "Mwanda!" he cries every once in a while. Or, "where's Mwanda?" Or even, "Let's get Mwanda!" With Miranda it's always, "It's Duncan!" No matter that she saw him 30 seconds earlier, because right now, There he is!! Oh my goodness!

My favorite out of the bunch. I watched him look through the view finder, find his little foot, and click!

Duncan is still a little obsessed with the flooding that took place in our backyard in September. He still talks about all the water in the creek and how it went round and round, and "where's my playground?" (sounds more like draygwound) "My playground is broken!" "Turn off the water!" sort of comments. So, here he's captured a photo of the damage, along with a reflection of his efforts.

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Anonymous said...

This is great photo skills for a 3 year old.