Monday, October 26, 2009

I Actually Did Some Gardening!

So, mild weather and drier weather has got me back outdoors. It's been cool, but pleasant. The ground is still kind of like a wet sponge, but hopefully that will get better in time. It's probable that it will rain tomorrow, so maybe not for a long time! I did acquire some new planties for Evan's zoo garden recently. I bought some Ligularia, commonly referred to as Leopard Plant. This variety has purply green leaves and yellow chrysanthemum sort of flowers. I don't know which cultivar it is, because the label simply said, "Ligularia." whatever. I like it! I also picked up and planted (thanks to some muddy help with my mom!) part of what I hope to be my living mulch--Mazus. I hope to interplant some daffodils, as they bloom around the same time. I had a couple of Heuchera "Autumn Bride" that I dug up a month ago that looked really nice with the Ligularia. So, Evan's garden is starting to look like a garden again, instead of just a mud pit.

Yesterday I dug up most of the stone from the path and carried over to the new stone patio area. I also carried the stones from my veggie garden path (I'll replace the path with mulch.) So, I got a good workout yesterday! The patio will need more stones, and filling material, but it's already looking good. (no pictures, of course!) I hope to carry on with the zoo garden theme on the other side of the path (this is the path by Evan's garden). so it would be Evan's garden-path-more animal plants-patio-playground. So, hopefully it will turn out great. It will be a lot of work (don't I say that every time?!), but I will be so happy to be in the garden again!

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