Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not? or Is It a Full Moon?!

After a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house, I finally brought the kids home today. The ride home was fairly quiet, except for the necessity to pull over when Duncan pulled part of his seatbelt off. (Note to self: Buy new carseat.) We got takeout for lunch, and settled in for a nice afternoon of playing and silliness. Duncan wanted to go upstairs, so I let him. No biggie. Although, after not hearing any noise coming from upstairs for a little while, I started to get suspicious. And sure enough, Duncan had gotten into some mischief. He'd unwound most of a new container (one of the big cylindrical kind) of dental floss, used up the rest of the packing tape, squirted out a new tube of cream, emptied out a bottle of toner into a new container of interdental flosser thingies, and gotten toner on the rest of the roll of TP. I was not a happy camper. I banished him from upstairs while I cleaned up. When I took everything down, I showed Duncan all of the things that now had to be trashed because of his wasteful behavior. I asked him not to wind things anymore (this has been a big problem for a couple of months.) I was hoping for a cleanup break. At least until tomorrow. But while I sat with Miranda, Duncan was at it again. Perhaps he thought he needed to bring home the point of wastefulness to his mommy. Perhaps he was just mad that I yelled at him, and smacked his hand. I do know that in this silence he poured out 2 gallons of milk and a whole bottle of maple syrup. It had "negative attention" written all over it. And I guess that's what he got. Two gallons of milk covers a lot of territory. And, ya know, maple syrup is sticky. I cleaned it up, and tried to get him to help me. He was not very helpful. My yelling at him was not very persuasive. But I wasn't feeling all puppy dogs and kittens. I was pissed. I told him that he's lost my trust. I don't know if he knows what I'm talking about. I also took some toys away until tomorrow. I know my reaction wasn't the greatest, but I'm not perfect. I just hope that tomorrow goes a little more smoothly.


Amy said...

I don't think anyone could hold it together when faced with a mess like that. I can't even think of how to begin cleaning it.

Hope tomorrow is better!

Anonymous said...

Little boys, (and girls too) like to explore and try new things. It's part of the learning process. It may take the patience of Job on your part, but he will, hopefully, learn something from it.