Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say What?

You hear it all the time, "Children are like sponges." It's usually said with excitement and news of a child's latest incredible achievement. Just yesterday I was bragging about how Miranda started counting to 10 along with her Daddy. It was a pretty impressive accomplishment for an 18 month old child. (And proof positive that girls rule and boys drool. Well, girls drool, too.)

When a kid starts talking, instead of a sponge, they're called parrots. "Watch what you say, or she may repeat it!" This usually covers curse words, but also those unsavory comments made "in private" about friends and family. You know what I'm talking about. The one time you let slip that cousin Cheryl is a total nutjob. And it's like the kid knows it's ammo, and uses it with relish.

But sometimes in their innocence, kids just say crazy, sweet, and silly stuff that's worth remembering. Here are some of our favorites.

Evan was an excellent talker from an early age. He did have a habit, though, of getting so excited about something that the words would come out too fast, and trip up over each other. But the excitement made it fun for all of us. He was so proud to tell Justin that he had named his little plastic toy dog. He was excited and giggling, and could barely contain himself as he said, "This is Barky!" Just before he got sick, I asked Evan what the he was going to call the smaller dog that came with Barky. He paused and thought about it, "That's Teeny Weeny Barky!" Of course, Evan was also a good eater. He spent more time eating his food than talking about it. But one day he just couldn't help himself. Justin had brought home a rotisserie chicken and sides from the store for lunch. He started to cut it up so each person would have the appropriate size portions. Evan came into the kitchen, observed his Daddy with knife in hand, and exclaimed, "What are you doin' to my chicken?!"

Duncan has taken his time with the whole speech thing, but now he seems to be catching up. Although, it seems like most of what Duncan says these days is, "Mine" or "It's Duncan's!" We talk about sharing with Miranda, but he hasn't quite grasped the idea. On Saturday she was playing with a toy, he ran up and grabbed it. Instead of the usual, "It's mine," he said, "I sharing!" We've got some work to do there. Duncan has kind of a running monologue about what he's doing, what's his, and the sound effects appropriate for the occasion. Aside from his firefighter duties mentioned in the previous post, he also invents robots, and what he and Evan both called "sheens" (machines.) But emergencies do crop up in his day to day chit chat. As we were driving to school one day, Miranda said something like "emergency" as we passed the firestation. Duncan chimed in, "That's right, Miranda, an emergency!"

And now even little Miranda is joining in on the fun. Of course, everything she says is cute, because she's such a charmer (what is it about girls?!) One of my personal favorites happens pretty much every day. Pretty much any time she's disrobed. That's right, naked. And it's completely my fault. Whenever my little Panda Bear is naked, I joyfully proclaim, "Yer nekkid!" And she runs around, giggling madly saying, "I nekkid, I nekkid!" Whenever she spots Duncan she'll say, "It's Duncan!" She's always so excited to see her big brother. If he's not in sight she wants to know where he is. With recent Evan postings, she started pointing at his pictures, and saying Duncan. I told her, "No, that's Evan. He's your big brother in heaven." And now when she sees a picture of Evan she says, "Eban!" or "Ebop!"

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