Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretend Gardening

I have a pretend garden on Facebook. I play the game Farm Town (my husband calls it Crack Town for some reason.) The player plows, plants seeds, harvests, and then starts all over again. Some things earn the player coins and some things cost coins (like buying seeds, plowing, etc.) Raspberry seeds grow into plants, then bear fruit in just 2 hours! Of course, if the player doesn't harvest in a timely manner, the fruit goes to waste. The virtual seeds have a 100% success rate. There are no weeds, there's no drought, no floods, no scorching heat, no mosquitoes!

I went out to work in my real garden yesterday. I pulled up the peas that I haven't touched since The Attack. I dug them down into the soil in hopes that they'll decay and give the soil some good nutrients. I'll probably be yanking out the rest of the veggie garden this week. It's been a somewhat successful venture, this vegetable garden. I got lots of tomatoes, and perhaps enough peas and beans to do a three bean soup, a handful of carrots (that didn't taste all that great), some tiny onions, cukes, and herbs. It's funny. The bed that I just deconstructed looks an awful lot like the "harvested" virtual bed (although, less cartoony.)

We're still in the dark about what the future holds...where will Justin be working this time next year? Will we still be living in this house?, etc. It's hard to make plans for next year's garden when I just don't know where I'll be next year. But I hope that I will learn from this year's gardening experience and become a better gardener next year. (unless we end up broke and have to live in an apartment with no yard. Then I'll just be pissed.)

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