Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall is in the Air

August was hot and sticky. I think this time of year is often called the Dog Days of Summer. And after doing a fair amount of work outside keeping everything watered and pruned, etc. in June and July, I pretty much give up in August. Maybe it's called the Dog Days, because gardeners are as tired as dogs. It's just too hot, too weedy, perennials start to look leggy. I look out the window, and I say, "Meh." I did do a little bit of weeding. And that's pretty much it. There are still things blooming. Interesting things. But have I lugged the camera out to get a picture? nope.

But now that it's September, and there's a little bit of Fall in the air (although, it'll probably be short lived around here), I'm thinking about getting out there again. I did some mulching and yanking annuals over the weekend. I have plans to hit my favorite perennial place (where things are 50% off! Woohoo!) I don't want to go crazy, because we may have to move. I just want the beds to look neat. Not that crazy end of summer look they currently have.

Come on Fall, I'm ready.

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