Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evan's Garden Update

I crossed back over to the back 40 yesterday to have a better look at individual plants in Evan's Garden. It was disheartening. One Oakleaf Hydrangea was flattened, and had lost leaves. Many leaves are dying, too. I tried to prop it up with a stick. It just looks sad. I also propped up my Itea "Saturnalia." It too was flat on the ground with some dying foliage. It looks like a fighter, though. There are definitely coneflowers still there. I may be missing a fern or two (Christmas fern), and I really don't know about my Tiger lilies. I didn't see any trace of them, but there's a lot of silt, so they may be buried. Other bulb plants lay there with their bulbs exposed completely. I don't know why my second trip back there was harder than the first. Maybe this time, because I was thinking about what all I am going to have to do, I became overwhelmed. One thing is clear for the short term: I'm going to have to get some proper stakes for my shrubs! We still have pools of standing water here and there in the back. Some are pretty big. It looks like some spots were dug out by the fast moving water. I thought that the puddles would have dried up by now. It's been 4 days since the last rain. I'm afraid the mosquitos are going to take advantage. wah!

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