Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Boy's Imagination at Work

I've mentioned before that Duncan likes robots. He was already showing some interest, but the 30+ viewings of the movie Wall-E has taken Duncan's interest to a new level. His usual robot attire is a cardboard box over his head. `

But then Justin bought me a little red flashing light to wear when I exercise outside at night. Duncan talked a lot about that flashing light. He took it to bed with him (still flashing!) a few times. But then one day he said, "Where's my flashing light?" And felt on the top of his head for the missing flashing light that should have been there. Then in some alarm, he said, "Where are my wheels?" And he looked at the bottoms of his feet where his wheels are clearly supposed to be. And then we had to ask The Question, "Duncan, are you a robot?"

We expected him to say his usual, "I'm not a wobot. This is Duncan!" with a thump on his chest. But this time he said, "I'm a wobot!"

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