Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leapin' Lizards!

I'm back on the exercising wagon again (or did I fall off?) I've been going out for a jog a few times a week for about three months. That's right. I started an exercise program in the summer in the Deep South. Brilliant, I know. I've mostly toured around the neighborhood. I've enjoyed jogging in the outdoors much more than on the treadmill (even with video games!) All the fresh air you can stand. Who could ask for more? But there are some downsides to exercising outside. My neighborhood does not have sidewalks, so every time a car passes, I have to move over. Generally not a big deal. But then, cough cough, comes the exhaust, or someone's cigarette smoke, or paint can fumes from some neighbor's house. And that odor wafts, I can tell you.

When I'm not distracted by choking on one of those lovely scents, I seem to be climbing a hill. Because they are everywhere. When I have grandkids and I tell them I had to run uphill both ways, I'll mean it!

I've been chased by a dog (probably the best time ever on that hill!), glared at by cats, and I played a short game of leap frog with an actual frog! But I have to admit the snake in the road really had me leaping! Sadly, when I doubled back to do that portion again, I had forgotten all about the snake, and freaked out all over again. It was probably dead, on reflection, since it hadn't moved in the interim.

I'm looking forward to the cooler days of Fall. Oh yeah, and lower humidity. I'm not sure what Justin thinks when I come back looking more like a beet than my usual peaches and cream complexion. I'm also looking forward to this getting easier. It does get easier, right?


Anonymous said...

Enjoying all that stinking fresh air?

Anonymous said...

P- do you run in Athens? We coudl meet up for a run!

Pam said...

No, my folks are still in the area, tho. And I'm slow. :)

Sarah said...

Oh I wish it got easier. But sadly, I still detest exercise. I do it, but still detest it.