Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye '80s Master Bathroom!

I dropped the kids off with the grandparents last week. Instead of taking a little mini vacation, Justin and I decided to do some work on the house. Demolition! We discovered that shoddy workmanship=easy demo! Excellent.

Day 1

The Shower

We also discovered that fiberglass, like sand (Amy), gets everywhere. (sorry Amy, I always think of you with that Star Wars quote!)

The Tub

We had bits on our arms, legs, feet. Finally, we wised up and put on long sleeves and long pants. After a day of Justin doing the wrecking, and me carrying bits and pieces, we called it a night.

Day 2

The floor and Potty Before


The Maniacal Hammer Wielding Husband!

Justin made short work of the potty, and we got creative (see pics below.)

Then came the tile. It was just glued here and there directly to the underlament. The backs of the tiles didn't look like they had mastic on them at all. It was like they were held together by the grout in between each tile.

Again with the shoddy workmanship! But at least we got to have a little fun with this demo project.

We thought we should find a new home for the Potty. What do you think?

I'm sure the HOA would love this display.

Next Stop: Yard of The Month!


Sherrie said...

I so love that last picture!

Jen said...

Justin looks like he is having so much fun destroying that bathroom! ;)