Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, I know these pictures are grainy, but I was so excited to see the goldfinches out there. Had I run outside with the camera, I'm sure it would have flown away.

And here he is on a sunflower! They've also enjoyed my Black Eyed Susans and Cutleaf Coneflowers, and interestingly enough, my flute playing!

I wasn't quick enough to get pictures, grainy or otherwise, of my little hummingbird visitors. They loved my Crocosmia while it was still blooming. And lately they're enjoying my Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Black and Blue Salvia (Salvia guaranitica), annual salvia (Salvia splendens), and even my Alpen Diamond Dahlias.

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Sherrie said...

Pretty! I had one land in an apple tree, but mostly I just see them fly over.