Saturday, August 29, 2009


The kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days while Justin and I do some work on the house (more on that later.) They've stayed there several times, and know that "what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's." There are whispers of "ice cwame" and "tractors" and sometimes even "buff'lo" (or doggies, to Miranda.) My parents live out in the boonies with the cows, and all things bucolic (although, pastoral, sounds much prettier!)

When Evan used to go for a visit with "Gammaw and Gampaw," he didn't want to come home. He would get out of the car when arriving home, see my smiling face, and turn back around and try to get back in Grandpa's car. I hadn't won that popularity contest. But soon enough he would tell me about all the fun he'd had. Duncan has always enjoyed visiting, but for a while there he didn't really have the vocabulary to talk about his stay. In fact, what he's called his grandparents has been more of the story than what he did. For Evan they were always "Gammaw and Gampaw." When he was in a rush he'd combine them, and to me it sounded like "Let's go to GampaGampa's house."

But for Duncan the words Grandma and Grandpa have gone through more of an evolution. He first called Grandpa "Da." I think he actually used that for both grandparents. This summer he graduated from "Da" to "Da-Da-A." I think hearing us say, "Grandpa" may have confused poor little Duncan. He seems to have tried to get the correct syllables and the "ah" sound on the end. Lately, though, he's started saying "Drampaw." This is probably my favorite from Duncan. Strangely enough, I think he still calls grandma "Da."

On our last visit Miranda decided to get in on the fun. She started calling Grandpa "Pawpaw." Dad had always said that he didn't want to be called Pawpaw. And I seem to recall that when Evan said it once, my dad said, "I'm Grandpa!" But I guess this little girl already has him wrapped around her tiny finger, because now he says, "She can call me Pawpaw, if she wants." But Miranda is also being cagey. She has now started calling him "Bampaw." Which is the cutest thing ever. And poor Grandma gets the shaft again!


Amy said...

So cute! For a while Benjamin was calling Craig's parents Bam-mother and Bam-dad. I thought it was awesome, but it's just boring old normal names now.

Maybe Louis will think of some crazy silly names that will stick. I think grandparents need silly names thought of by the grandkids.

Pam said...

I love Bam-mother! What does Benjamin call your parents?

Amy said...

Nana and Grandpa. "Nana" is easy, but for a while it was Bampaw. Now he can say Grandpa and I'm a little sad about it. Of course there was the time he called him "Nana's friend." I think that made my dad realize he should maybe visit more often!!!

Pam said...

Ha! Nana's friend! That's hilarious!