Saturday, August 1, 2009


My Trellis of Pole Beans Toppled Over

I decided to tangle with my pole bean plants after some heavy rains (that's right, people, it rained! Alot! We ended up above average for July. woohoo!) knocked my homemade trellis over. Again and again. I propped it up with more bamboo, but as you see, it toppled over again. The last time I went out to fix it, I decided to pick some beans at the same time. It hadn't occurred to me that on previous occasions I had worn gloves. After the sticky leaves started winding themselves around my neck, my arms, my legs, I decided I was done collecting beans for the day. I felt a little like Harry Potter and the Devil's Snare from the second book. Then I started to itch.

I'm sensitive to numerous plants, so I wasn't really surprised to start breaking
out all over my arms, legs, and neck.

I came inside and washed with cold (always cold water on rashes!), soapy water. I went back outside, and thought it was all over. But one washing was just not going to do it this time. I got Duncan and took him inside. I took the bean-y clothes off and stepped into the shower.

And waited. I called Justin, "Are you coming home soon? Because I'm having a really bad allergic reaction." He suggested Benedryl, and said he was on his way. So, I took some Bennies, and waited it out with the kiddies. Thankfully, it was better by the time Justin got home.

The bean plant is on its side again. And I think it's going to stay like that for now.

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Sherrie said...

You need to stop standing in the garden pretending to be a bean pole... ;-)